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If you're looking for a restaurant that offers unique Asian cuisine, you'll find it everywhere. Visit the West Bay Restaurant & Bar to discover new dishes that will delight your palate. Here is a list of 31 of the best dishes you will find on the peninsula, from the most popular to the least popular. If you want some variety in your meal, you can also enjoy the "West Bay breakfast buffet" if you are looking for little or no variety.

Take a breakfast flight and enjoy a menu of NY steak, eggs and breakfast burritos or sit in the car overlooking the converted railway restaurant. Take a seat to enjoy the ocean views through the windows and outside by the fire or take it to the nearby beach and fish a quinoa sandwich. Treat yourself to mouth-watering starters with a selection of teriyaki pork chops, crowne burgers and fried Pacific halibut.

Try this beautiful steakhouse in San Mateo, which offers a wide selection of steaks, burgers, sandwiches, salads and a wide selection of appetizers. A great option is to warm up at this great restaurant in the heart of San Francisco, which offers fresh Italian dishes made with fresh ingredients from Northern California.

San Mateo County and Silicon Valley also offer amazing steakhouse options to satisfy your cravings. The menu offers a variety of fresh-catch options that highlight specific regions of the Pacific, as well as a wide selection of starters and salads.

Fortunately, there is no forced tasting menu here, but the roast chicken and suckling pig are outstanding, even if they are a little expensive. And don't forget to top off your meal with Izakaya chops (which are also available at Gintei's).

The miso here comes from corn and is lively with citrus and nuts, and it comes with corn. Start with the white canvas margherita and add pork, or try something with sliced ribeye or a house-mixed burger. The tomato sauce-loose Del Cafone has moved to a more traditional menu with smoked mozzarella, tomato sauce and a variety of toppings. Summer barbecues translate into noodle soup, so try the summer barbecue with a side of pork ribs, rib slices or pork chops.

The grass-fed burgers cost $12, and they have a variety of toppings, such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic and coriander. There are a handful of reservations for the Tesla and Salesforce races, so you don't need anyone to extol Wakuriya's excellence. Longtime regulars are longtime regulars, but it's still one of the best burgers in the Bay Area, especially if you run a Tesla or a sales team.

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I'd much rather have Pinot Noir and heirloom tomatoes than self-driving car inventions, but I'm here to talk about wine.

Vetri is known for its pasta, and while pizza is the obvious choice here, the small plates are creative and remarkable, like the mushroom roasted grilled carrots and cauliflower, served with roasted almonds. The sushi bar is a big step, but the omakase doesn't disappoint with both eyes and palate; you might even find you eat more than one serving. Even better than what you think when you see it on the menu, though, is her robe of robata with wood - grilled avocado, good enough that I won't share it.

At the back of the restaurant there is a broken - roaring, wood-burning - oven, with a large open kitchen and a small kitchen on the second floor.

The staff is well trained, the kitchen is run efficiently and the menu is as consistently delicious as it is. There are a number of specific dishes (short ribs with horseradish cream, which is a good choice when they are available), although they change constantly. The Town is the kind of perfect food - making robots that will be sent out in the future to make the perfect food for you.

The two best dishes really are San Carlos and Ian, which they are, but they're not the only ones on the menu. Big brother La Viga specialises in many dishes that are similar to those of their siblings, although they have their own unique interpretation, such as pork ribs with garlic sauce.

You will find mouth, numbness and dan noodles, as well as unknown dishes you should try to try, such as roasted frog. Vijay Kumar, formerly of Dosa, has made a name for himself as one of the best chefs in Los Angeles, and this restaurant is so close to a place on your resume. Mitsunobu is the new name of Steve Young, who replaced Jeff Garcia (unlike the much-vaunted Kaygetsu four years ago), and it makes a big change from the usual menu of ramen, rice and noodles.

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