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We land at San Francisco Airport, take a detour, drink at the West Bay Restaurant & Bar and watch you settle down for a phenomenal breakfast, lunch and dinner. During the opening hours of the restaurant, you can have food, drinks, snacks, wine, beer, cocktails and other treats delivered directly to your room. There is even a private dining room where you can prepare for your take-out so you don't have to end up in the parking lot.

If you're looking for a change, there's also the West Bay breakfast buffet, check out the menu here. An experienced chef will prepare a menu for your party that is perfectly matched to the style of your event and your taste. Treat yourself to mouth-watering starters with a selection of teriyaki pork chops, crowne burgers and fried Pacific halibut. Meet friends and satisfy your appetite for one of these meals or dine with your family and friends in the private dining room.

The big bonus is that they currently have happy hour every day from 12 noon to 5 pm and guests can enjoy 24-hour room service. When you visit Yelp, you are greeted with champagne at the door and a complimentary glass of wine on your way out.

The West Bay Fireplace Room offers a relaxed atmosphere when staying at San Francisco Airport. There is nothing better than dining in the relaxed privacy and comfort of your hotel room.

This is a great area with restaurants and shops that we will share with you soon. The interior is long and thin and has lovely seating on the sidewalk so you can prepare food right in front of your eyes. There is something for everyone and there is much to do to start the day.

Join us for breakfast flight and enjoy a menu of NY Steak & Eggs and breakfast burritos. Visit the West Bay Restaurant & Bar to discover new dishes that will delight your palate. With a breakfast menu that includes a variety of breakfast dishes (think bacon, eggs and French toast), take a look at what Alana Cafe has to offer.

Enjoy the combination by buying it to use as a salad dressing or for cooking at home, or enjoy it as an appetizer. Try some delicious cocktails and round off your dinner with Sticky Sweet Rice and Mango Dessert.

All the individual parts that are packed must be made of non-plastic and compostable material. Acceptable materials include fiber-based products such as paper, plastic, paper towels and paper cups, but all other materials such as plastic wrap, cardboard or paper towel wrappers must be either non-plastic or compostable.

Petroleum-based products such as petrol, diesel, petrol and diesel engines may not be used in any of the items listed above.

Exceptions are allowed for single-use food and aluminium service products, but only at the request of the customer and not for other employees of the food service provider. Any takeout food delivery service using a digital ordering platform must provide the accessories expressly requested by the customer. Consumers may choose to self-service or deliver food offered via a mobile phone or other electronic means such as a mobile phone, tablet or tablet computer in exchange for a credit or debit card.

If you stay, you'll have to see what Burlingame has to offer, although I suggest Aloft or the Westin, but you can also stay in one of the many hotels in the area.

I also like to use the atmosphere in the cafes to do a bit of work, although I admit people - watch, but I actually visited the Burlingame store a few times and tried to drink some honey. I also had a falafel flight for lunch, which was full, but not as full as I would have liked if the photos were in daylight. Swing at the West Bay Bar, grab a few drinks, watch the game and then head back to the hotel for dinner (if you're lucky).

The guests were clearly having fun, whether they were talking or eating, and I happened to stumble across a small family.

I love the restaurant, I love the details, the lights are perfect inside and I love to see everything it has to offer. What a great place to be so close to the SFO airport and such a beautiful location for a restaurant!

On May 4, 2020, the City of Burlingame adopted a regulation to regulate and control food and beverage disposal in the San Francisco Bay Area. This ordinance is part of a nationwide effort led by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Bay Area Regional Water Quality Control Board to regulate and reduce the amount of food waste in the city's water supply system. A major issue for our community and others is the 1.3 million pounds of litter that enters San Francisco Bay every year. The Regulation prohibits the disposal of ready meals for public consumption as waste.

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