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One of the best kept secrets of Burlington, California, the city in the heart of California's largest and most populous borough, is one of its most popular tourist attractions. The city is located on the west side of San Bernardino County, south of Los Angeles.

The proximity to San Francisco Airport also makes it convenient for family members to visit the historic Burlingame CalTrain, just a 1-minute walk away. If you're in the area, you can also visit the Burlington Hillsborough History Museum, housed in a historic building in the west of the city that is a popular attraction for pensioners. And as if that wasn't enough, the proximity of the Caltrain station from San Bernardino County to CA State University, CA, also makes it a great destination for tourists.

The museum has a collection of works by artists from across the Bay Area, so you can get to know lesser-known artists while appreciating the local art scene. Located in the historic Burlingame Hillsborough History Museum, just a 1-minute walk from Caltrain Station, the museum features an extensive selection of artwork by local artists, as well as a wide selection of exhibits including paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, ceramics, photographs, sculptures, photographs, films, videos, music, books, etc.

For more information, visit the Burlingame Hillsborough History Museum website or call 1-650-347-2301 or visit their Facebook page.

Burlingame residents can contact San Mateo County Human Services at 800-223-8383 for questions. With rotating exhibits, you could stop off on your trip to the Bay Area and still see something new every time. If you feel like leaving Burlingames for a new experience, there are many events in and around San Francisco. CAMFT has teamed up with Tower Tours to support tours and activities in San Francisco in your spare time!

If you like to be outside and enjoy what the Burlingame community has to offer for good outdoor recreation, visit the Parks and Golf section. To see more options, click on the Museums and Family Fun section to visit one of the fun attractions.

If so, the Museum of Pez Memorabilia in Burlingame California will delight your imagination and palate. If you're planning a trip to California and are unsure which city to explore, you should visit Burlington. Take time to relax and explore the beautiful area of Burledame.

The Sawyer Camp Trail, which runs from the Crystal Springs Reservoir to the highlands of San Mateo, is popular with hikers, bikers, skaters and runners. The park borders Millbrae and Burlingame and hosts some of the hiking and walking trails that run through the Bay Area. This park is a great place to relax, hang out with the locals and experience all that the Greater California region has to offer. Cross the reservoir between the two and head south on the Sawyer Camp Trail to Lake Merritt.

If you are a local, Burlingame has a lot of activities to do, but here are some of the most popular things you can do when you come to downtown Burlingame. If you make a one-time purchase of $20 or more from one of our local retailers, we will receive a 20% discount in the area. Here is a short list of other popular activities in and around Burleson, a small town in San Mateo County.

Get out of your car and enter the world - a free parking pass for a class parking space at Burlingame Community Center.

If you've ever wondered how many different donors there are, the Burlingame California Museum of PEZ Memorabilia is a must-see. Whether it's just for fun or to learn about your parents "toys, a visit to the PEz Museum can be pretty nostalgic. Burlingame houses two other museums, including the Classic Toy Museum, which displays some of our favourite 20th century toys, and the Museum of Forbidden Toys, which has taken toys off the market. After seeing your share of burlesque, treat yourself to your quirky side and take a look at the Pez Memorial Museum.

The Peninsula Museum of Art is located on the border of Burlingame and neighbouring Millbrae and aims to expose more people to art and bridge the gap between the community and professional artists.

Californians who do not qualify financially for SSI must have a disability recognized by the Social Security Administration and be at least 65 years old to qualify for Medi-Cal's age-related disability program. The San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, which oversaw the development of Golden Gate Park, administers the California Disability Insurance Program (CDIP), the state's disability insurance program. Additional money is provided by state and federal governments in the form of grants, tax credits and federal grants.

Note: Data on the average cost of elderly care is not available for Burlingame, but data for the San Francisco metropolitan area were used. The average in California is about $670 cheaper than $4,957, and Vallejo is about $380 lower than Burlington. In fact, the California average was about 50% lower ($1,679) in Vallesjo, where the average was $576, while the federal average of $3,527 cost $2,737.

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