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The City of Burlingame is looking for a Parks and Recreation events manager to oversee the Parks & Recreation Department's events and programs throughout the year. This is a temporary part-time position - time position and shifts vary depending on the type of event and the recreational manager. Employees can take up to five hours to get involved with a charity of their choice. The shifts vary depending on the events / programmes and do not amount to more than 1,000 hours in the financial year, with a maximum of 5 hours per day working seven days a week.

This advertisement does not constitute a work agreement between an employer and an employee and may be amended by the employer due to the need for employer requirements and changes in the workplace. Wells Fargo considers qualified candidates with no criminal record under applicable local, state and federal laws, including the Uniform Code of Federal Regulations and the California Criminal Code. There is no Wells Wells Fargo offer if the candidate fails to pass criminal background checks.

Persons in Loan Originator (LO) positions must meet all related Wells Fargo policies and meet the requirements of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Persons in safe positions must also comply with the Z and LO requirements outlined in the following guidelines. Those whose background and education best suits the needs of our department are invited to an oral discussion.

Please make sure that your contact details (e-mail and telephone number) are up to date during the application process. Please upload your current CV when submitting your application for examination. Your current credit report is used to assess your financial responsibility and creditworthiness, but your credit report is not included in the assessment. Applications can be made through our online application portal or through the Wells Fargo website.

It is the responsibility of all computer users to know and follow our security policies and procedures for information systems. In addition, our stores have stepped up their cleaning and hygiene efforts and we have also introduced associated health checks. We take care of this by requiring all employees to wear masks in the store and asking customers to do the same. Employees must also undergo a health check at the beginning of each shift.

Support the Clinical Education Services Manager in conducting regular, targeted PCR reviews and providing constructive feedback to crews using FirstPass and other tools. CFS will assist in identifying and implementing PCR for teams in accordance with district policy. Recommendations are made on the basis of observations and the establishment and revision of clinical guidelines. Support the head of clinical training and services to conduct regular, targeted PCR checks and provide feedback on crews completing PCR and / or using firstPass or another tool.

This will lead to finding partners and further expanding their expertise in the use of firstPass and / or other tools. Presentation and profile of the results and guidance of these tools for building and maintaining relationships - in-depth discussions and conceptual planning.

Support the entire customer relationship by conducting financial planning interactions and using innovative technologies such as Glance to maximize efficiency for the customer. We will work proactively with our customers to understand what matters most to them and help them with their complex needs.

We know that customer engagement inspires the goal of building a lifelong relationship with Fidelity. Help the team achieve results, provide the best service in class, and train customers through loyalty programs.

Join a diverse and inclusive team where you feel valued and inspired to contribute your unique skills and experience. You become part of Fidelity - a wide-ranging initiative that gives you the opportunity to positively influence your clients "financial plans. As a planning consultant, you will provide a first-class planning experience, discover opportunities to deepen customer relationships through consolidation, asset recommendations and plan implementation, develop engagement strategies that support the unique planning needs of the customer and support customer loyalty initiatives.

We are looking for brand employees to join our team and we need experience. So if you are looking, we are friendly and willing to learn. We are a diverse and inclusive workplace where every employee is respected and valued for their unique perspectives and experiences. This is what we do best and a great opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Become part of a private company that places great value on creating and promoting a work environment that attracts the best talent and reflects our commitment to our employees. Are you one of the people who share our values of leading an active lifestyle and developing games - changing products and experiences?

Physiotherapy Assistants (PTA) require an associate's degree in an accredited program and must also be licensed or certified depending on the state. Physiotherapists may be able to get certified as a board member, which requires an examination. Please submit a copy of the mu4r application form, which is required for employment in this position.